Bringing out the best in people with positive-realism.
How can I be of service for you?  It has been said that the primary purpose of a portrait
is to bring pleasure to those who commissioned it.  I provide fine art portrait services
with a positive-realism approach that merges best creative efforts with dependable
customer service.   
PORTRAIT PROCEDURE:  Work is accomplished in oil, pastel, acrylic, pencil, and
charcoal, from life and/or from photographic materials. Following a personalized
and Agreement To Proceed, a portrait is Scheduled and a 30% Deposit is
  • When the subject or subjects of a portrait are available to meet with me, the initial
preparation for a portrait is preferably scheduled and accomplished at that subject's
 In the tradition of the Masters, the single most important step in my
positive-realism approach that ensures providing you with best efforts is
scheduling a few hours of painting time from life with a subject.  When a subject
is available there is simply no substitution for some painting time from life.
  • Once the initial preparation is accomplished, which usually includes both Life
Studies and Photographs taken of the subject(s), and a Compositional Sketch that is
approved by  the client, an oil portrait is most often
Completed upon returning to the
studio within in a few months.  
  • The actual completion time depends upon the medium a portrait is painted with,
the size of a portrait, the number of subjects in a portrait, and the amount of detail in
the background and/or subject's costume.  Each of these considerations is discussed
and established in detail during the initial Client Consultation.
  • Once a completed portrait is approved, the Unpaid Balance is usually due in
full.  Fees are made payable to Edwin S. McVaugh, Jr.  
  • Posthumous portrait commissions are also accomplished when quality
photographic materials are available to work from.
  • Most oil portraits of one subject, up to a half-figure size of approximately
30 x 36", are completed and ready for delivery in approximately 2 to 4 months from
the date that the artist and the subject meet, during which life studies were painted
and/or photographs of the subject were taken.
  • Schedules and completion dates are as close to promised as humanly possible.    
  • Workmanship, permanency of pigments, support and ground are of the finest
materials available.
Oil portraits are from $2,000 unframed.   
Acrylic and/or Pastel portraits are from $1,600 unframed.  
Pencil (graphite) portraits are from $1,000 unframed.  
Charcoal portraits are from $700 unframed.
GUARANTEE:  Your complete satisfaction is guaranteed or there is no fee.  
4252 North Orange Blossom Trail,  MB #37,  Orlando, Florida  32804
EMAIL:   info@oilportraitsforyou.org.
THANK YOU for taking the time to consider the work and services of Portraits by
McVaugh.  I look forward to serving you.
Sincerely yours for the best in portraiture,
E. Mike McVaugh,  Orlando, Florida
After having an initial Client Consultation with Charlie,
Agreement To Proceed was made,  a Schedule of Sittings was
arranged in studio, and a
Deposit was paid.
Shown at right;   Mike next took numerous photos of the
Usserys in studio in order to determine a final pose and
composition before beginning any painting.>
CHARLES and YVONNE USSERY with the artist  working from life                       Oil on canvas,  45 x 34".
Shown above;  Mike is working from
on the Ussery's oil portrait at a middle
stage of completion. As stated above
The single most important step in Mike's
positive-realism portrait procedure is to
schedule some painting time from life with
a subject(s)
PORTRAIT PROCEDURE:  An Illustrated Example.
Shown at right;  A lifesize charcoal compositional sketch by
the artist that was approved by Charlie before any painting
Shown at right;  During an early stage of painting the
Ussery's life size oil portrait, Mike does some work
painting from life at his Central Florida studio .>
Shown at right; Completing the portrait
in studio
without the subjects.  is the
Ussery's portrait in a presentation frame at
a nearly completed stage in studio,
surrounded by oil head studies of Charlie
and Yvonne, their actual costumes
borrowed and placed on mannequins in
order to save them additional painting time
from life, as well  as a separate study of
Yvonne in costume.>
Succesful portraiture is so often a team
!  It was a joy working with and
serving the Usserys.
Collection of the Usserys
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Photo(s) taken by the artist.
Completing the portrait in studio without the
presence of the subjects.  Shown here is the nearly
completed portrait in a presentation frame with
costumes, mannequins, and life studies.
compositional sketch.
Painting from life: An early live sitting at the