Richard Anthony "Dick" Allen, American baseball superstar,  Private collection
Muhammad Ali, Three-time Heavyweight Boxing Champion,  purchase Bob Wagner, Orlando, FL
Mrs. Vernon Boyd, Wife of Vernon Boyd, Maitland, FL  collection Mr. Boyd
Steven R. Breshwis, United States Naval Officer, Sand Springs, OK  collection Mr. Breshwis
George Herbert Walker Bush, 41st President of the United States of America   Private collection
Mildred Campbell, High School Teacher, New York, NY  collection Mrs.Campbell
Jan Capstraw, Wife of Ronald B. Capstraw, Orlando, FL  collection Mr. Capstraw
Ronald B. Capstraw, Southern Bell Official, Orlando, FL  collection Mr. Capstraw
Bill Cayll, Owner of Flo's Attic Antiques, Orlando, FL  collection Mr. Cayll
Janice Coleman, Winner Miss UCF, Winter Park, FL  collection Ms Coleman
Donald Cleckley, Award Winning Hairstylist, Apopka, FL  collection Mr. & Mrs. David Cleckley
Richard T. Crotty, Mayor of Orange County, FL  2001-2011,  collection Mr. Crotty
Darrell DeLany, Owner of Quality Coatings, Longwood, FL  Private collection
Buell G Duncan, Jr.  Chairman and CEO of SunBanks, Inc., Orlando, FL  collection Mr Duncan
Parks Duncan, Merrill Lynch Vice President, Winter Park, FL  collection Mr. Duncan
Albert Einstein, Nobel Prize Winning Theoretical Physicist,  collection Susan M. MaGruder, Maitland, FL
Lawrence Fee, International Importer, Orlando, FL  collection Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Fee
Margaret Fee, Wife of Lawrence Fee, Orlando, FL  collection Mr. & Mrs. Fee
James R. Freyer, Retired Businessman, Apopka, FL  collection Mr. Freyer
Walter A. Grimme, Leading Salesman City Directory, New York, NY,  collection Mareta Forrest
Reverend Kenneth E. Hagin, Founder of Kenneth Hagin Ministries, Tulsa, Oklahoma,  private collection
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Hershkowitz,  collection Dr. Melvin Hershkowitz, New York, NY
Mary Robin Hershkowitz, Daughter of Mr.& Mrs. Paul Hershkowitz,  Lansing, MI  collection the Hershkowitzs
Sigurd Niles Hersloff, III,  President Hersloff, Inc., Winter Park, FL   private collection
Hurst, Zachary & Joshua, Sons of Anne Hurst, Orlando, FL   collection Mrs. Hurst
Sallie S. Jenkins, Teacher, Apopka, FL  collection Nathaniel Jenkins
Mr.& Mrs.J. Kelleher, Parents of John Kelleher, Winter Park, FL  collection John Kelleher
John F, Kennedy,  35th President of the United States of America   Private collection
Col. Joseph Kittinger, Jr.  World record setting balloonist,  Maitland, FL   collection Jeff Golding
James J. Kolbinskie, Teacher & Law Enforcement Officer, Apopka, FL  collection Mr. Kolbinskie
Roderic A. Lacy, MD, DC., Founder & President of the Florida Chiropractic Physicians Association
Walter E. Lanehart, Chief Plumbing Inspector, Apopka, FL  collection Mr. Lanehart
Samuel M. Lewis, Jr., Worshipful Grand Master, Masons of Florida,  Longwood, FL  collection Mr. Lewis
Jared Marchman, Son of Mr. & Mrs. Hal Marchman, Jr., Apopka, FL  collection the Marchmans
Jenny Marchman, Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Hal Marchman, Jr., Apopka, FL  collection the Marchmans
Mr. & Mrs. T.E.Mardis, Realtors, Orlando, FL  collection Mr. & Mrs. Mardis
Geraldine Mercer, Mother of Margaret Mercer, Apopka, FL  collection Margaret Mercer
Nathaniel Metzger, Son of Mr. & Mrs. Jack Metzger, Orlando, FL  collection the Metzgers
Jack W. McDowall, Athletic Director Rollins College, Winter Park, FL  collection Rollins College
Bonnie Newman, Wife of Doug Newman, Maitland, FL  collection the Newmans
Anna Marie Panicola, Fine Jewelry Consultant & Manager, Tolvca Lake, CA  private collection
Dr. & Mrs. William D. Paisley, Ashland, Ohio  collection the Paisleys
Chris Ramsey, Son of Mr. & Mrs. Ray Ramsey, Winter Park, FL  collection the Ramseys
Ronald Wilson Reagan, 40th President of the United States of America  artist's collection
James S. Reid, Owner of Second Chance, Orlando, FL  collection Mr. Reid
Zollie Reid, Founder & Director Kingston Resort, Kingston, OK  collection James Reid
Kenny Rodgers, Pop-Country Superstar Singer  collection Peaches Records and Tapes, Hialeah, FL
Dr. Hans Selye, Founder & President International Institute of Stress, Montreal, Canada  private collection
Orenthal James. "O.J." Simpson,  Football Player of the Decade 1970s,  private purchase
Harry E. Smith, Gazebo Manufacturer, Orange, MA  collection Jeanette Smith
William T. Burndyn Smith, Prince of Egypt, New Orleans, LA  collection Mr. Smith
Ann Souppa, Wife of Ralph Souppa, Orlando, FL  collection Mr. Souppa
Ralph Souppa, Master Craftsman, Orlando, FL  collection Mr. Souppa
Evelyn C Thies, Wife of George F. Thies, Orlando, FL  collection Mr. Thies
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Ussery, Owner Swimming Pool Decks, Orlando, FL  collection the Usserys
Mrs. Rex E. Van Akin, Past National Grand President Alpha Delta Pi Sorority, Orlando, FL  collection Zeta
Omega Chapter at the University of Central Florida
Ben Vissi, Owner Great Graphics Gallery, Orlando, FL  collection Mr. Vissi
John Wagner, Engineer, Apopka, FL   collection the Wagners
Libby Wagner, Wife of John Wagner, Apopka, FL   collection the Wagners
Andrea Wellman, Daughter of David Wellman, Owensboro, Kentucky   collection Mr. Wellman
Robbie Wellman, Son of David Wellman, Owensboro, Kentucky   collection Mr. Wellman
George Walton, Headmaster George School  collection Mary Beth McVaugh, Riverton, NJ
E.  "M I K E"   M c V A U G H
1965 -1969        George School, Bucks County, PA
1969 -1971        
Rollins College, Winter Park, Florida
1981                 Portrait Institute One-Day Seminars, Palm Beach, FL
1982, 1985        
Daniel E. Greene Portraiture Workshops, Orlando, FL
1985, 1986        
Christian Leadership Course at International Bible College and Seminary, Plymouth, FL