Mary Lou Merrick commissioned Mike to paint a wedding day oil
portrait of her parents as a surprise gift on the occasion of their 40th
wedding anniversary.

"a family treasure"

"The portrait you painted of my parents has truly become a family
treasure. My brothers and I were very proud to present the painting to
them as a surprise at their 40th wedding anniversary party. And their
reaction was certainly all that we had hoped for.
I know I brought you a most difficult task - to paint a life-size oil
portrait of my parents as they looked 40 years ago on their wedding
day. I had only old, faded pictures for you to work from, I could not
locate their wedding outfits for you to see and time was short - only a
few weeks until their surprise 40th anniversary party.         
You not only accepted this challenge but earned my highest respect as
a portrait artist by completing a magnificent portrait of my parents that
even they can hardly believe the likeness you were able to capture of
them 40 years ago.
My father's twin brother and my mother's sisters have all commented,
'That's just the way they looked.' And my parents couldn't be happier
with your portrait of their wedding day.
It was a pleasure working with you, Mike. Your sincerity and love for
your work is apparent in your paintings. You are very talented and I
wish you every success with your career."

Mary Lou Merrick
E.  "M I K E"   M c V A U G H
P o r t r a i t  A r t i s t