"I highly recommend him"

"As a Features Producer and Reporter for WTGL TV-52 I
met Mr. McVaugh at an art show locally and subsequently
did an interview with him.
I was first moved by the classic style of his portraits. Mr.
McVaugh captures that which goes beyond the physical with
great attention to detail. It is not unfitting to say I fully expect
his work to someday be exhibited along side the Masters.
Very personally, it is obvious to me that Mr. McVaugh's
commitment to his work is very, very deep. He is a sensitive
person with a recognition of the responsibility of being so
gifted. His creative abilities are extraordinary and I highly
recommend him as one of the very best."

Sue Langford
E.  "M I K E"   M c V A U G H
P o r t r a i t  A r t i s t