"deeply devoted to his work"

 "The portrait of Mary Robin hangs proudly in our living room.
When we saw the actual work for the first time, I was truly in awe.
While the work is a perfect likeness of Mary Robin, it is much more
than a painting from photographs; it captures the essence of Mary
as a two year old. I believe it is an accurate expression of universal
  The portrait is not "just a picture" it is a portrayal of a real child
and of an age. I believe Mike is an extremely gifted portrait artist.
We know he is deeply devoted to his work and constantly studying
so he can improve his techniques. I know he takes all his work very
seriously and does his very best on every portrait he does.
   Looking back on his previous work shows how much he's
improved over the years, but I felt even his earliest portraits were
extraordinary. His portrait of Mary Robin is my favorite, probably
because it is of our daughter. I know it captures her on canvas.
   Everyone who has seen the portrait has commented on its
remarkable beauty. Mary Robin is older now, but her essence is
still, and always will be, in Mike's stunning portrait of her."

Judy M. Hershkowitz
E.  "M I K E"   M c V A U G H
P o r t r a i t  A r t i s t