"A commitment to excellence"

To Whom it May Concern:
"It is my pleasure to recommend Mike McVaugh as an artist.
Moreover I can confidently recommend Mike McVaugh for any
undertaking.  For as you see, I have not only had the privilege of
being painted by Mike but we have a longstanding friendship of
approximately 20 years as well.  In that time, I
have seen Mike evolve as an artist as well as a person and have
come to recognize and respect the commitment to excellence
and intensity which he brings to both art and life.
It is my intention to keep this letter brief and concise,
and in so doing report what I know to be factual as well as, in
light of our 20 year friendship, to offer a couple of opinions
which I believe to be fact.
 If art is in fact 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration
I'm quite convinced that Mike has fulfilled both quotas.  Mike's
inspiration was easy to recognize 20 years ago as he effortlessly
and joyfully exhibited God given talent to observe and
 Free time on a prep-school campus is minimal and as a result, in
an effort to devote the kind of time to his art which Mike was
apparently compelled to do at that time, late, long hours were
required.  It was obviously necessary to keep up
with his school work and extra curricular commitments which
I recall as being a priority to Mike at the time, and one which he
was able to fulfill.  Mike was however compelled to draw and
paint and to improve his natural abilities.
 As a result, while
those of us who were less inspired slept, Mike painted.
 I have seen his painting evolve from a technically strong,
photo-realistic quality in the early and middle years of our
relationship to his current ability to capture much more than
just physical characteristics. More specifically, by this I mean
that Mike is able to identify the less tangible qualities of his
subject's character or psyche and to somehow translate this
into color and form.
 Mike's development as a person has been no less
obvious to me than his development as an artist and there is no
question that the evolution of the former has contributed to the
latter and visa-versa.  I mentioned earlier that I could confidently
recommend Mike for any undertaking and this based on what I
have come to know of his character and his psyche.
 Over the course of 20 years, I've seen Mike tackle a number of
challenges, as well as overcome problems and setbacks.  I again
attest to Mike's commitment to excellence and his will to
overcome and achieve. I'm proud to recommend Mike for all that
he may aspire to achieve."
Very truly yours,
Sigurd N. Hersloff, III
SIGURD NILES HERSLOFF,  III,                              Oil on linen  
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