"It just makes me feel good"

Buell Duncan commissioned Mike to paint
portraits of both of his sons, Mr. Buell G.
Duncan, Jr. and  Mr. Parks Duncan, on
the occasions of their retirements.
Parks' lovely wife, Betty, wrote Mike the
following letter upon returning home
following the unveiling of Parks' portrait  
during a party in his honor held at the
Orlando Country Club.

"Again I have to say the angels were with
you! Parks portrait is the best portrait in the
family. Bar none! You truly captured his
spirit -- humility, love for others -- especially
We see the portrait many times a day and
it just makes me feel good when I see it.
Thank you for persevering in your beliefs in
how it should be painted. By staying true to
your heart (not mind) you won! You
I was afraid I was going to have 'one
more painting' in our house. Wrong! It is
more than that -- you have captured the soul
& spirit of Parks. For that I will always be
grateful to you for allowing the angels to
guide you.          
Our children & friends are amazed upon
viewing the painting. They say over and over
it's Dad or it's Parks -- truly is! May you
have continued successes. You deserve
Betty Duncan
E.  "M I K E"   M c V A U G H
P o r t r a i t  A r t i s t
PARKS DUNCAN with BOOMER    Merrill Lynch Vice President, retired,  
Oil on linen,   40" x 30".                                               
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