The artist working from life in the studio
painting Lillian O'Brien, the widow of American
Band leader, Jimmy O'Brien.
Edwin S. McVaugh, Jr. is called Mike by all of his
friends.  Like many other qualities about this man one
must expect the unexpected. To this former art critic, he
is a man with many personal characteristics one doesn't
usually find in an artist.  His appearance, his demeanor,
his intensity, his conviction, his dedication, and his
spirituality are unique.  Before addressing his talent and
background, let's look at some of these characteristics.
His appearance is much more striking than most.  Unlike
Salvadore Dali, most artists known to this writer could
easily get lost in a crowd.  Not so Mike McVaugh
(pronounced mik-vaw).  With or without his auburn
beard, his youthful face has piercing eyes and a built
by Reuben Benasher

Edwin S. McVaugh, Jr.
One Man's Perspective
A look at a dedicated American portrait
artist with a particular talent to make
each portrait as unique as the subject
he is commissioned to paint.
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