1732 - 1799.
First President of the United States;
First Commander-in-Chief of the Continental
Army in the American Revolutionary War.
Oil on canvas,  24 x 18".   2012
How is it possible for a soldier to fight in so many
battles and wars, to have horses shot out from
under him, to have bullet holes in his coat, but

never once be wounded?  Even more remarkable
is this, according to historical records, the
Indians, the French, and the British who were
fighting against him in various wars and battles,
actually targeted him specifically.  
Was he divinely protected because of a special
destiny he had as a Founding Father and Army
Commander in the American Revolution? Was he
indeed bulletproof?  Does this not point to
America herself having a divine Providence

active in her founding?
President Washington said this in his first inaugural
"No People can be bound to
acknowledge and adore the invisible hand

which conducts the Affairs of men more than
the People of the United States.  Every step,
by which they have advanced to the character

of an independent nation seems to have been
distinguished by some token of providential
The artist painted this portrait of George
Washington working primarily from oil portraits

that Gilbert Stuart painted of Washington from
life sittings.
Artist's collection.
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Oil on canvas